Portrait Photography

PortraitMost photographers consider portrait photography to be the capture of the likeness of a person, usually limited to the head and shoulders.  The person is often posed and told to sit still while each photograph is taken.  The photographer often has little or no rapport with the subject, and the result is a dull set of photographs with no life or character. 

Michael, however, is not like most portrait photographers;  he has developed techniques over twenty years to bring his photographs to life.  Michael captures not only the likeness of the subject, but also their essence; their personality

Michael has a few secrets to his success. First he connects with the client from the moment they arrive at his private studio in Plantation, allowing him to build a rapport that gets him closer to the client’s personality. 

Second, Michael threw out the rigid posing techniques of traditional portrait photography long ago.  He has embraced spontaneous and candid portrait photography.

The client is coached on posing, but is free to move around at will and encouraged to change the pose and/or expression slightly with each click of the camera.

Michael shoots quickly, often taking 100 shots within a few minutes, capturing those fleeting expressions that most photographers will miss.  Those fleeting expressions often embody the subject’s personality and are the most desirable shots. 

Michael also specializes in Boudoir Photography, which is a special stype of portrait photography focussing on seduction.

Set up a session today to allow Michael to capture some of your fleeting moments in time that you will treasure for a lifetime.  Call (954) 282-1726 for your appointment and to take advantage of Michael’s special session pricing.