Boudoir Photography

BoudoirBoudoir photography is a special style of Portrait Photography focusing on seduction.  In addition to the subject's likeness and personality, Michael captures their sensuality. 

Boudoir photography is shot in the studio where soft lighting will emphasize the subject's beauty and where she will have the utmost privacy. The style of photographs to be taken will be discussed with the client prior to the start of the shoot. From fully clothed, perhaps wearing a sexy dress, to skimpy lingerie. Often clients want some nude shots, but without revealing much more than would be seen on the beach when they are wearing a bikini. The client can show as much in the photographs as they want to; they are in full control. They will be under no pressure whatsoever to go past their comfort level.

BoudoirMichael understands that many clients are apprehensive about undertaking a boudoir photography session. He connects with the client in the discussions prior to, and during the session, offering posing advice and showing the client shots as they are taken, building their confidence. Usually it’s only a natter of minutes before the client starts to feel at ease, and beautiful, spontaneous photographs are being created. 

Michael hates the traditional methods of posing clients; asking them to freeze in a fixed position while the shot is taken. He believes this results in unnatural, stiff looking photographs with a forced expression. Michael prefers to allow the client to move freely allowing the photographs to have a much more natural and candid expression, more closely capturing the essence of the client.

You don’t have to be a supermodel to have beautiful boudoir photographs taken,  but Michael will make you look like one!  Beautiful images can be created of any woman regardless of body shape and size. It's all in the lighting, the camera angles, the camera lenses and the re-touching.  Every photograph of a beautiful woman in any magazine has been re-touched to make them look great.  Your photographs will be re-touched too, to make you look incredible.  Almost all Michael’s boudoir clients are everyday women that are simply amazed how great their photographs look.

Many women wonder if they might be more comfortable having their boudoir photography shot by a female photographer.  While this is a natural thought, in fact, studies have shown that the perception of sexy can be very different from a man to a woman. If the purpose of the boudoir shoot is a gift for the man in her life, it is more likely she will get more photographs that her man will think are sexy, from a male photographer. 

A book of boudoir style photographs has become extremely popular to give as a gift to husbands and boyfriends. Brides offer the book as a present for their soon to be husbands. Anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, maternity and overseas military postings are other great occasions for capturing boudoir photographs that can be shared with a loved one.  As a way of supporting our troops, Michael offers a discount for boudoir photography intended for military overseas.

Set up a session today to allow Michael to capture some of your special moments in time that you will treasure for a lifetime.  Call (954) 282-1726 for your appointment and to take advantage of Michael’s special session pricing. 


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